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New Updated Version Of GLU Mobile Games

Many companies have been launching their holiday update for their games. Glu mobile is also famous mobile gaming companies who have many famous games being launched on the android. In this holiday season the glu mobiles have updated the three most played games of them. These games include the frontline commando d day, deer 2014 and stardom Hollywood. These games have many holiday features in them like new gifts, new clothes and goodies of holidays. Read more …

Gangster Granny

Help the Old Granny in Her Mission of Robbery in Gangster Granny

Imagine your granny is having a gun under her bed and gets off in the city making violence and involved in robberies. This would be amazing to have such granny. The game is known by the name Gangster Granny. There is a story famous, once there was a granny and she broke all the laws, robbed banks and tried to rob the biggest bank of the city but she was failed. Read more …